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Important Notice re Coronavirus (Covid 19)

Due to the unprecedented scale of the Covid-19 outbreak and our commitment to providing constant supply to our existing customers and the Irish Health Service Executive, Irema Ireland is no longer accepting orders for Surgical and Respirator Face Masks for delivery prior to January 2021.

Please note our Air Filtration and HVAC Filter Media business continues to operate as normal.

Many thanks for your understanding and ongoing custom in these most challenging of times.

Standard Surgical Face Masks

We design, manufacture & supply disposable standard medical and surgical face masks that meet the highest industry standards for bacterial filtration efficiency BFE (> 98%). Our 3-ply & 4-ply, latex free, hypoallergenic, surgical mouth masks are available in a range of colours. We produce the Classic Surgical Face Masks, Xtra Comfort Surgical Face Mask and the Anti-Splash Surgical Mouth Masks.

Anti-Splash Surgical Face Mask

XtraComfort Surgical Face Masks

Classical Surgical Face Masks

Coronavirus… how it exposes the weakness of a Single Source Procurement Policy

The World Health Organisation declaring a global health emergency over the spread of the Coronavirus brings a new clarity to the seriousness of such events.  Global and national authorities are now in full-fledged preventative mode with demand for surgical and respirator masks far outweighing available supply, partly due to the scale of the threat.

Respirator Face Masks Flat Fold

We design, manufacture and supply disposable infection control respirator face masks FFP2, FFP3 & N95 flat fold products that protect people working in environments where harmful particles, pathogens and aerosols present a danger to their respiratory system and long term health. Healthcare workers, medical and military personnel, cleanroom operatives, industrial, agricultural and construction workers will benefit from using the new infection control respirator face mask.

Respirator Face Masks FFP2 NR Flat Fold

Respirator Face Masks FFP3 NR Flat Fold

Respirator Face Masks N95 Flat Fold